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Knowledge Transfer Seminar

Cradles of European Culture and CLUE + research institute cordially invite you to the Knowledge Transfer Seminar
Date & Time: May 8th, 2015, 9:30-17:00, Pakhuis de Zwijger, Small Hall, Piet Heinkade 179, 1019 HC Amsterdam

European cultural projects, in which many institutions and universities participate, are undergoing a shift in focus from a research to knowledge transfer and the co-creation of meaningful cultural experiences with audiences. Building forth on the publication of the Companion to European Heritage Revivals (Springer, 2014), this seminar addresses the challenges of actively engaging the public in international cultural projects, particularly those on heritage.

This event is open for academic researchers, policy makers as well as those working heritage dissemination and tourism. The main question is: how we can embrace this shift in focus from research to sharing knowledge?

As the programme aims to address co-creation, the classic lecture format for seminars has made way for workshops, in which audience and workshop leader jointly create meaningful learning experiences. Aspects of knowledge transfer that will be addressed are the opportunities and limits of gameplay, the value of participatory storytelling and the role of humour in engaging audiences in reviving the past.

Participation is free Registration before May 1st, through: click here
Kranj, SI – The opening of the exhibition ˝Gradišče above Bašelj - The Forgotten Stronghold˝

You are kindly invited On Thursday, 5th of March 2015 at 6pm to participate at the opening of the exhibition Gradišče above Bašelj - The Forgotten Stronghold , that will take place in the Kranj Town Hall, Kranj, Slovenia on and will be officially opened by Jernej Hudolin, director general of IPCHS. You are welcome to visit the exhibition until the 7th of April 2015!

The exhibition is dedicated to the archaeological site Gradišče above Bašelj in Slovenia. The hilltop settlement of Gradišče in the foothills of the mountain Storžič had an exclusive value in the Early Medieval Carniola, that was located in the present day Slovenia. Uncovered layers with numerous iron objects and ceramic fragments from the period between the end of the 8th century and the beginning of the 10th century were found at the place.

Exhibition is a part of the local promotion of the project Cradles of European Culture - Francia Media by the Slovenian partnerInstitute for the Protection of Cultural Heritage of Slovenia, associated partner National Museum of Slovenia with the cooperation of Museum of Gorenjska.

Read more about the Gradišče above Bašelj here or here.
The exhibition The Legacy of Charlemagne (814 – 2014)

We are happy to announce the launch of the internet web page, dedicated to the exhibitions, crated within the ‘’Cradles of European Culture – Francia Media’’ international project.’’

The Legacy of Charlemagne (814 – 2014): A story that has never been told before

"The Legacy of Charlemagne" exhibition tells, for the first time, the story of the last 2000 years from a new perspective: it shows how the several unification attempts of the European area struggled to find a balance between the unity needed by any such political project and the diversity of the many ethnic groups that composed the population. If this story sounds familiar to the contemporary visitor it is only because the European Union is the ultimate embodiment of this aspiration and the exhibition explains how it finally came into being."

In case you missed the exhibition, here you can do the virtual visit of the exhibition, follow the events like Finnisage-colloquium or just get some practical information about the The Ename Heritage Center.

You can also get to know the Catalogue of the exhibition:

The Legacy of Charlemagne 814-2014 is linked to the exhibition of the same name in the Provincial Heritage Centre in Ename. The book is edited by the province of East Flanders with the support of the European Commission within the framework of the EU project "Cradles of European Culture", and is sponsored by Mr Horst van Cuyck. Dirk Callebaut & Horst van Cuyck (eds), The heritage of Charlemagne 814 – 2014, 2014, Lannoo, 414 p.
Ravenna, IT - IMPERIITURO - Renovatio Imperii: Ravenna in the Ottonian Europe" – CLOSING DATE EXTENDED!
We are very pleased to announce that, given the large visitor turnout to date and the high number of visit requests – specially coming from schools – for next spring and summer, the Institute for Cultural Heritage of the Region Emilia-Romagna and partner institutions in Ravenna – Fondazione RavennAntica and Classense Library - have agreed to extend the closing of the IMPERIITURO exhibition.

In both venues, TAMO museum and Classense Library, IMPERIITURO will close on January 20, 2015, instead of January 6, 2015.
At TAMO Museum, the exhibition will reopen from February 27 until September 30, 2015.
Stay tuned - - for upcoming events.
Museum Het Valkhof, Valkhof, NL.
Presentation of the book "Valkhof. 2000 years of history."
On October 30th, 2014 the book Valkhof. 2000 jaar geschiedenis was presented to the public within the festive event in the Museum Het Valkhof, Kelfkensbos 59, Nijmegen, NL.

One of the authors, Louis Swinkels, hands the Het Valkhof book to Hubert Bruls, mayor of Nijmegen. ©Museum Het Valhkof
The new book Valkhof. 2000 jaar geschiedenis tells and colorfully shows the story of a unique place in the oldest city of The Netherlands, which, in the light of many plans and discussions about reconstruction, still stirs the hearts.
Provincial Heritage Centre, Ename, Belgium – Finissage Colloquium
A Finissage Colloquium will round off the exhibition "The Legacy of Charlemagne 814-2014" in the Provincial Heritage Centre in Ename (
Its theme: A critical biographic approach of Europe’s past.
The conference focuses on an innovative approach of heritage. It is also an important link in the development of a European Association that will specifically deal with biographies of landscapes, monuments, archaeological sites and objects.

You can find the invitation here and the program here.
Please register before 20 November 2014 via
Amersfoort, NL - Presentation of the Companion to European Heritage Revivals, November 7th 2014
During the upcoming CHeriScape conference, Linde Egberts and Minke Walda will promote the Companion to European Heritage Revivals and the Heritage Route in a poster presentation, with the title Engaging Audiences through Traveling Heritage Routes. The poster will be presented during the session 4: Applying results, societal and political impact on Friday, November 7th 2014.
See more on:
Presentation of the book "Valkhof. 2000 years of history."
The book Valkhof. 2000 years of history tells and colorfully shows the story of a unique place in the oldest city of The Netherlands, which, in the light of many plans and discussions about reconstruction, still stirs the hearts.
The presentation of the book will take place on October 30, 2014 at 15.00 in the Museum Het Valkhof (Kelfkensbos 59, Nijmegen, NL).
The afternoon starts with a tour around the Valkhof. You can choose any of the following topics:
1. Valkhof area until the end of the Roman period - Jan Thijssen
2 Early Medieval Nijmegen from an archaeological perspective - Joep Hendriks
3 Nostalgia for the Castle - The Valkhof from demolition to rebuilding plans - Hettie Peterse

After the tours, the presentation will continue in the museum at 16:00. After the welcome Louis Swinkels will give a short lecture entitled "Who was the builder of the first castle?" and the Mayor Hubert Bruls will receive the first copy of the book.
Additionally, there is an opportunity to lift this festive event the glass!
You can register here, by 024-329 78 63 or via mentioning Book Launch "The Valkhof". See the full invitation here.
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